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A raft foundation is a reinforced steel and concrete foundation.  The NHBRC requires the construction of raft foundations on certain ground classifications such as clay, dolomite, turf or collapsible soil.  Raft foundations are also utilized on ground conditions not specifically requiring a raft, as the turnaround time on construction thereof is shorter than that of a conventional foundation and less logistical planning is required from the client.

Raft Tech CC specializes in the design and supply of raft foundations.  Our services include earthworks and land surveying, as well as engineered layouts on each project.  Earthworks consist of leveling and compaction of the stand (1000mm bordering foot print of ground floor).  Construction of a raft foundation consists of ground beam excavations, steel reinforcement, formwork, 250 micron SABS plastic and 20 Mpa concrete (unless specified otherwise). 

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